Creating a “Dreamscape” with Rocks

We can create the landscape of your dreams using a well-planned array of rocks. The creative use of rock is what often distinguishes fabulous landscapes from ordinary ones. In fact, it is the ultimate hardscape material! The imaginative use of various kinds of stone can bring out the splendor of your trees and plants and add definition and a sense of structure to your planted areas. Why not design your home’s environment employing a material that is all-natural material and appears as if it might be original to your location? One of the great things about stone, unlike wood hardscaping, is that it needs no maintenance. A rain shower here and there will keep your landscape looking clean and fresh!


Stone Walls

The versatility of rock is wonderful for installing walls with style. There are many options for stone walls in your landscape:

  • Separate your yard from the street.
  • Lining the sides of your driveway.
  • Enclose flower beds or vegetable gardens.
  • Terrace a slope with great looking retaining walls.
  • Mark your property with boundary lines

Add a Flair With Shrubs!

There are ways to accent hardscape with living landscape. For example, insert some niches into your rock features to make room for shrubs. This will add some zest and soften the appearance.

It Is Not Against the Law…

There is no law on the books that says you must grow grass in your lawn. For a super low-maintenance yard, stone is the ticket. Small stones establish a stunning front yard when used with plants, trees, and shrubs. Add some pavers for a walkway. We can work with you on a design using several kinds of stones in different areas to make it interesting and appealing to the eye.

Large and Small

Rocks in landscaping designs to not need to be the same size or color. We can mix it up and make things exciting by planning a rock garden with river rocks, boulders, and small stones for a one-of-a-kind look.

The Layered Lawn

We can design and install a layered look by placing small stones as edging. Rocks along a paved walkway will serve as a border between your lawn and flower garden.

How About a Walkway to Your Front Door?

Large, flat rocks can make a perfect path to your front door. This can be achieved with stones of a wide variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and colors for a unique look that fits your style. We will make your walkway straight, or even in a zigzag pattern.

Fountains and Streams

You will really impress those who pass by when you use large rocks to create a stream or a fountain for the focal point of your front yard. Plus, a water feature provides a spot to relax and enjoy the cool breeze on a sunny spring day.


Let’s Get Started

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