Why Synthetic Grass for your Lawn?

Tri-City Earthworks is here to creating a gorgeous landscape that might begin with a synthetic grass install. Why would you ever want synthetic grass for your yard?


The Many Benefits of Synthetic Grass

When you compare artificial grass to natural grass, artificial almost always comes out ahead. It is a fact that artificial grass has come a long way since it was born in the 1960’s. It has improved to the point that it is both durable and natural looking. Homeowners are beginning to become aware that using man-made turf can create a lovely yard that will have great curb-appeal, and the homeowner will not need to work to keep it up!

No Maintenance Necessary

That no up-keep necessary for a synthetic lawn is perhaps the greatest benefit for the homeowner.

“No maintenance” means:

  • No need to mow your lawn every week
  • No need to pay someone to mow
  • Always stays at the perfect height, looking natural
  • No watering necessary
  • Keeps looking lush green and full of life without any labor at all
  • When the autumn leaves fall, just easily sweep them up!

“Your Lawn Sure Looks Great This Winter!”

In the winter, natural grass yards or lawns made with sod become dormant and turn brown. When your lawn turns brown it affects your entire landscaping design. This never happens with manufactured turf!

No Pathways, Ruts, or Bare Spots

In natural turf or sod, high amounts of walking over areas repeatedly can cause pathways, ruts, or bare spots in your lawn. Artificial grass is both durable and resilient, resisting the constant pressure of the feet of both humans and pets. The green blades will just bounce right back for more!

All Aspects Covered

No Sunlight? No Problem!

Natural grass often fades and dies in areas that are shaded. Fabricated turf does not ever require direct sunlight. In fact, it works well in shade because the grass will maintain its color, size, and brilliance with or without any sunlight at all.

“Look Mom, No Grass Stains!”

No matter how hard your children play in your yard, your synthetic meadow will not cause those unsightly dirt and grass stains on their jeans or shoes. Plus, you will never need to worry about your children or pets tracking mud in the house.

Puddles Are No More

Before we install your turf, we roll and smooth out valleys and grooves where water can tend to accumulate. We also add exceptionally small irrigation channels which help drain away water and prevent it from puddling and pooling in low areas.

No Need for Fertilizers

Synthetic turf is both vibrant and lovely. The great part about it is, you will not need to fertilize it. Even the safest fertilizers often contain toxins. They can have a hazardous effect environment as well.

Great for Recreation

Artificial grass was originally used for recreational and sports areas. Play volleyball and bad mitten. Let us help you design your personal putting green. Enjoy plenty of outdoor parties and picnics. “It’s all good” for just about any kind of sport or recreation.

No Weeds

Weeds are a common problem in our area, especially during the monsoon season. Can you think of anyone who likes to pull them out? Weed killers, like fertilizers, often contain toxic chemicals, even more so. Be safe and happy, with no wild plants on your property.

Let’s Get Started

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